Sharaiya College (BA)

The Sharaiya College will be set up based on a syllabus is based on Jamia Islamiyya madeena university. The courses have been designed in a non-traditional way..more

Maa'hadu lluga Al Arabiyya

The School aims to create scholars from the students who completed High school or higher secondary school. Course duration also vary depending on the qualification..more

School of Qur’an

This school aims to provide students within the age group of 5 to 10 an introductory awareness in various fields of Islamic knowledge. This school will function in selected places across in India and abroad..more


Thanks to the infinite grace of Allah we mark the beginning today in Kerala where Islamic activities based on the Quran and the Sunnath have been carried out for more than a century of a distinctive center for the advanced learning of religion set up with the aim of molding a generation mastered and knowledgeable enough to respond adequately to the challenges posed by the contemporary world We pray and believe that the center located on ten acres adjacent to Malappuram a city that contributes much to the history and growth of Malabar and beginning to function from the academic year - will develop into a knowledge hub of international standards The Jamia Al Hind campus is being set up at Mini ooty Malappuram an area well known for its natural and scenic beauty Jamia Al Hind will come into being as an environment-friendly campus without posing any threat to...


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